Gottwald, MK1500, Sr. No. 12914200


1500te capacity mobile lattice boom crane

e.g., 860te @ 24m, 475te @ 40m,  

114m of main boom, 42m back mast, 23m fly jib

On 12 or 17m leg centres

Dehann 1000/500te hook block,


Extensive refurbishment in 2018 to include:

Replacement N14 Cummins engine

All hydraulic pumps, valves and motors replaced

Complete new PAT control system and SLI

All wiring and pipe work replaced with new / Stainless steel

All wire ropes replaced or X-rayed and pull tested

Full re paint and inspection on all items

Spares to include 3 unused hoist wires, brake packs, motors and pumps

Complete / full load tests, in LoLar ticket and working today

Full / all Manuals, drawings and certification packs available




During the refurbishment of the MK1500 which was completed in October 2018, the following works were carried out:



  • Replace engine, pumps and motors driving the winches

  • Replace seals, check and record brake packs on winches

  • Remove, grease, scan and sample - pull test each wire rope

  • Replace wires as required, (3 spares with machine)

  • NDT, inspect and re-tag all pendant wires

  • Prep and paint entire crane and ballast

  • New DSC engine control system fitted

  • Strip and re-build cab, new operator chair and Eberspacher diesel heater fitted

  • All cables and all hardware for the control system were replaced

  • Full PAT Crane Control System and Safe Load Limiter system fitted

  • 4 cameras and screen fitted

  • Re-chrome and reseal support rams

  • Replace every hydraulic control valve

  • Replace all hydraulic pipes and install stainless steel pipes

  • Remove, grease / inspect / replace all winch bearings

  • New 1000te hook 2012

  • All systems underwent full Site Acceptance Test by installer / manufacturer prior to crane being signed off

  • All works overseen by 3rd party Engineering company

  • Amend and save new Operating Manual

  • Archive all relevant certification and documentation from the project

  • Full load test carried out and witnessed by a 3rd party testing company




The refurbishment of the crane did not involve any changes to the main components / structure, load chart / capacities, boom, winches, gearboxes or brakes.